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Welcome to the Canadian Gelbvieh Association - the organization that promotes the Gelbvieh breed in Canada and helps breeders prove that Great Steaks start with Good Genetics!
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With stringent sire testing and planned mating programs, Gelbvieh cattle have been moulded into a superior dual purpose animal for beef and milk production.

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If beef is your business, your breed should be Gelbvieh!

Leverage the power and profit in your cow herd by using the Gelbvieh advantage of growth, muscle, and maternal excellence. Join the cattlemen who already know the advantages.

Click here to see what's new with Gelbvieh breeders and the cattle industry in Canada.Most Gelbvieh breeders got their start in the commercial business. Many of them still run commercial herds alongside their seedstock programs. Gelbvieh breeders always put the commercial cattle industry first.

Look to the purebred beef cattle industry for confidence in pedigree, performance, and repeatability. Insist on registered Gelbvieh stock!

The Canadian Gelbvieh Association is the national governing body responsible for breed improvement, breed advancement, and breed promotion. For opportunities to obtain bulls, females or crossbred Gelbvieh contact the Canadian Gelbvieh Association or a Gelbvieh breeder in your area.

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