B & R Ranch
In 1999, the Gelbvieh breed impressed Robin & Barry Mader and they now run a large seedstock program.RR 1, 2108 Duck Range Road
Pritchard, BC
V0E 2P0


In 1999, the Gelbvieh breed impressed us so much that we made the move from a mixed commercial herd to seedstock cattle. Our goal is to raise moderate framed, low maintenance, working cattle with longevity being accomplished through good feet, good udders, easy calving, good disposition, and still have the easy fleshing with great feed conversion that the market demands. Our yearling replacement heifers are fed along with the cow herd and are not pampered with supplements. Our bulls are developed in a 50 acre, hilly paddock where they must travel for feed, water and bedding. They are grown out slowly on a custom ration and are not pushed for fast weight gain. We have established a good relationship with our customers and are proud to have many repeat buyers. We stand behind our Gelbvieh. Visit our B & R Ranch, ½ hour east of Kamloops.