The Canadian Gelbvieh Association produces a Sire Summary twice a year following the production of updated EPDs. Typically this is accomplished in January and June/July.

The Gelbvieh sires in this Summary are registered in the Canadian Gelbvieh Association Herd Book and the genetic values (EPDs) contained in this Summary were computed as part of the Gelbvieh National Cattle Evaluation Program of the American Gelbvieh Association. Performance data on Gelbvieh animals from the United States, Canada and several other countries was merged to create an International Gelbvieh Evaluation, which was done by the University of Georgia.

Criteria for Sires to be Listed
Each Sire Summary is comprised of three sections: Progeny Tested Sires, Genetic Indicator Sires, and Trait Leaders. For each sire, general pedigree information is included as well as whether the sire is AI Qualified, Total Progeny with weaning records, Number of herds submitting weaning information, Number of producing daughters, Number of carcass progeny and Number of female progeny with ultrasound records. To be listed the sires must have produced a calf in the previous four years.

Genetic Indicator Sires
As well as siring registered or computed calves in the past four years, these sires have met an accuracy standard of .45 to .64 for Weaning Weight (WW) EPD evaluation. EPD values for these bulls should be considered in relation to lower accuracy values.

Progeny Proven Sires
In addition to the above criteria, sires in this category have Weaning Weight Accuracy of at least .65. The sires listed in this category have enough offspring with performance data submitted to provide added predictability.

Trait Leaders
The Trait Leader listing in the Sire Summary on the CGA website contains approximately 40 sires for each trait. The sires are ranked in descending order from the most favourable value for each trait. In order to be listed as a Trait Leader, a sire must qualify as a Progeny Proven Sire and have Accuracy in the listed trait of at least .50 listing for Carcass Traits are slightly different as sires must have either five (5) carcass progeny or 25 female progeny ultrasound records to be listed. Feedlot Merit (FM) and Carcass Value (CV) leaders, indexes that do not have accuracies, must have Yearling Weight (YW) accuracy of at least .50 to be included.

Top 25% Sires
Sires that rank in the upper 25% for a specific trait among all active sires and have an accuracy for that trait of at least .65, will have a star below the EPD.

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January 2014

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Gelbvieh EPD Definitions

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