The Gelbvieh (pronounced Gelpfee) breed is one of the oldest German cattle breeds, first found mainly in three Franconian districts of Bavaria. Starting in 1850, systematic breeding work began in stud herds. By pure breeding, the “red yellow Franconian cattle” were developed from several local strains, including Celtic German Landrace and Heli Brown Landrace cattle. These local strains have been further improved with intensive breeding work since 1870.This solid colored breed of red yellow cattle enjoyed great popularity as milk, draft and slaughter cattle.

In the 1960s, Red Danish cattle were introduced to the herd book to improve milk production. Leness Hall, then director of International Marketing for Carnation Genetics, first saw Gelbvieh cattle in 1969. He worked towards importing Gelbvieh semen into the United States and was able to get 43,000 units imported into the States in 1971. Gelbvieh cattle came to Canada in 1972.

Gelbvieh cattle offer a unique production package. Gelbvieh are one of the few breeds combining maternal traits with performance and carcass merit. Gelbvieh calves are widely recognized for excellence in growth, muscling and marketability, while Gelbvieh females are known for milking ability, fertility and quiet temperament.

About the CGA

The Canadian Gelbvieh Association (CGA) is a not for profit association incorporated in 1972 under the Animal Pedigree Act and represents members from across Canada for the purpose of registering and recording the pedigrees of Gelbvieh and Gelbvieh influenced cattle and promoting the breed across Canada. The affairs of the Association are directed by seven board members from across Canada, who are elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Van Schothorst
Office Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 3 pm

5160 Skyline Way NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 6V1

Ph: 403-250-8640
Fax: 403-291-5624

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Turn north (left) onto Aviation Blvd NE
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Neil Overby, President
Box 815, STE ROSE DU LAC, MB R0L 1S0
Ph: 431-233-3505

James Jasper, Vice-President
Box 24, Hartney, MB R0M 0X0
Ph: 431-740-5443

Lee Wirgau
Box 25, Narcisse, MB R0C 2H0
Ph: 204-886-7588

Don Okell
Box 627, Duchess, AB T0J 0Z0
Ph: 403-378-4898

Trevor Burks
Box 11, Parry, SK S0H 3L0
Ph: 306-715-7476

Aaron Birch
Box 192, Lomond, AB T0L 1G0
Ph: 403-485-5518

Ryan Sommerfeld
Box 7, Medstead, SK S0M 1W0
Ph: 306-342-2136
Cell: 306-342-7259


Gelbvieh Association of Alberta/BC
Jessica Pearson, President
Box 589, Calmar, AB, T0C 0V0
Lorna Okell, Secretary
Box 627, Duchess, AB T0J 0Z0

Man-Sask Gelbvieh Assoc
Joe Barnett, President
Cynthia Wirgau, Rep
Box 25, Narcisse, MB R0C 2H0