The Canadian Gelbvieh Association invites Gelbvieh enthusiasts under the age of 21 to become Junior Members, part of the CGA, a non-profit corporation that encourages, develops, promotes, and regulates the breeding and import and export of Gelbvieh cattle in Canada. We recognize the contribution Junior members make to the growth of the Gelbvieh industry and the future of the breed in Canada.


All eligible juniors are encouraged to apply for the annual $500 Scholarship. Please complete the Scholarship Application Form and include a one page essay describing your involvement in the Gelbvieh breed.

The deadline to apply is July 15th of the current calendar year.

Jr Scholarship Application


Canadian Gelbvieh Association offers a High Point Junior Award. The submission deadline is October 15th of each year. Please submit your point forms etc. to the CGA office before this date.

Two $500 Gift Certificates are awarded annually. One for Open Junior, and one for 4-H members. These gift certificates go towards the purchase of a Gelbvieh animal and are presented at the CGA's Annual General Meeting in November.

Junior High Point Show Entry Form

Winners will be notified on or before November 1st so they will have the opportunity to purchase a Gelbvieh animal at one of the approved Gelbvieh sales:

  • GAA/BC Wish List Sale
  • Man-Sask Agribition Gelbvieh Sale, in Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Man-Sask Fall Classic Sale

Junior Incentive

National Junior Show

Each year, Junior Gelbvieh breeders from across Canada are invited to participate in:

  • Individual and Team Judging
  • Photography Competition

    The Photography competition at the National Junior Show is open to all participants.

    Photos must depict the purebred or commercial Gelbvieh industry, and can be in colour or black and white.

    Points are awarded on clarity, quality, originality and relationship to the Gelbvieh industry.

  • Team Marketing Competition

You must be a member of the Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association to participate.